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Black River Safari, YS Falls & Appleton Rum Factory Combo Tour

Explore the breathtaking beauty of Jamaica’s South Coast with MajorOneTours’ exclusive combo tour. Embark on a journey that combines three of the most iconic and unforgettable destinations on the island. From lush greenery to cascading waterfalls, and the world-famous Appleton Rum Factory, this tour promises an adventure like no other.

Black River Safari

Venture into the heart of nature as you cruise along the meandering Black River, one of Jamaica’s longest rivers. Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings of the Jamaican wetlands, home to a diverse array of wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Jamaican crocodile, tropical birds, and other exotic creatures that call this pristine habitat their home. Our expert guides from MajorOneTours will enrich your experience with fascinating insights into the region’s ecology and history.

YS Falls

Prepare to be enchanted by the enchanting YS Falls, a true gem of Jamaica’s natural wonders. Nestled in the verdant countryside, YS Falls features seven stunning cascades that flow into refreshing natural pools. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, swing on a rope like Tarzan, or simply bask in the sun on the riverbank. Surrounded by lush gardens and dense forests, this is an ideal spot to unwind and reconnect with nature’s serenity.

 Appleton Rum Factory

Embark on a flavorsome journey at the world-renowned Appleton Estate, the oldest and most iconic rum distillery in Jamaica. Delve into the rich history of rum production on the island and witness the traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. Experience the sights, sounds, and aromas of the distillation process, and savor the opportunity to sample some of the finest and rarest blends of Appleton’s award-winning rums.

Why Choose our Combo Tour?

Convenience:  Save time and energy by booking a single tour that covers three incredible destinations. No need to worry about logistics; MajorOneTours will take care of everything for you!

Expert Guides: Our knowledgeable guides from MajorOneTours are passionate about Jamaica’s culture, history, and natural heritage. They’ll ensure you have a memorable and informative experience throughout the journey.

Variety of Experiences:  From the peaceful boat ride on the Black River to the thrill of swinging over YS Falls and the indulgence at the Appleton Rum Factory, this tour offers a diverse range of activities for all kinds of travelers.

Captivating Nature: Immerse yourself in Jamaica’s stunning landscapes, witness exotic wildlife, and relax in the embrace of Mother Nature at her finest.

Unforgettable Memories: Create lasting memories with friends and family as you share in the joy of discovering Jamaica’s best-loved attractions together.

Book Now with MajorOneTours and Secure Your Spot!

Join us on this unforgettable Black River Safari, YS Falls & Appleton Rum Factory Combo Tour and experience the true essence of Jamaica. Let MajorOneTours take you on a journey that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Pick Up & Drop Off Area/City

Montego Bay ( St. James ), Falmouth & Duncans ( Trelawny ), Runaway Bay ( St. Ann), Ocho Rios ( St. Ann ), Lucea ( Grand Palladium , Hanover ), Negril ( Westmoreland ), Kingston, Spanish Town & Portmore, Treasure Beach ( St. Elizabeth ), Mandeville ( Manchester ), Port Antonio ( Portland )


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