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Toby’s Resort Private Airport Transfer

Majoronetours offers a personalized and convenient airport transfer service from Sangster International Airport directly to Toby’s Resort in Montego Bay. Catering to the diverse needs of travelers, Majoronetours ensures a smooth, comfortable, and stylish journey from the airport to the doorstep of this tropical paradise. Whether traveling alone, with a partner, or in a group, the service is tailored to fit every requirement, promising an ideal start to your Jamaican holiday.


Your reservation for Private Airport Transfer is confirm. After exiting the Customs Hall, proceed to the exit to the right getting outside the airport. One of our Representative will be there waiting on you with the Major 1 Tours sign with your name on it. You will take to your driver who will Transport you to your Resort. Have a safe Ride!

Flexible and Luxurious Transfer Options

Private Transfer: Ideal for individuals or small groups, this round-trip service is both economical and cozy. For 1 to 4 passengers, the total cost is US$ 40, offering a swift and smooth journey.

VIP Transfer: For those seeking luxury, the VIP option is available at US$ 100 for up to 4 passengers. This premium service includes champagne or rum punch, adding a touch of elegance to your ride. For larger groups of 5 or more, the cost is only US$ 25 per person.

Special Touches for Memorable Moments

Personalized Services: In the VIP Transfer, Majoronetours accommodates special requests for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and honeymoons, with surprise decorations in the vehicle to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

Flexibility for Special Requests: The team at Majoronetours is committed to tailoring the VIP transfer to suit the specific needs and preferences of its clients, ensuring a journey that’s as special as the destination.

Proximity and Convenience

Close to the Airport: Located merely 5 km from Sangster International Airport, with a brief travel time of around 6 minutes, the transfer service allows guests to commence their vacation almost immediately upon landing.

Majoronetours Elevates Your Arrival Experience

Our private airport transfer service to Toby’s Resort is more than just a journey; it’s the beginning of a luxury experience in Montego Bay. Whether opting for the private or the VIP experience, each guest is guaranteed a seamless, comfortable, and personalized start to their Jamaican adventure.

Transfer Type

Private Transfer, VIP Transfer


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